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April 3rd, 2018



April 3rd

10:30 a

Still have snow piles. more snow predicted for tonight.


2:14 p

taxes mailed. frightened mouse running across parking lot.


3:22 p

back again.


6:28 p

managed to get a few minutes out in the parking lot while Ned had his infusion. Aubrey is not my favorite nurse but this is more than that. I’m the problem here. is it PTS? don’t know but I need to calm down. it shouldn’t be about me.


#IFJM2018  #2018IFJM


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April 1st, 2018



April 1st

12:20 p

studied him this am. still lost likeness.

cranium volume still off.  move face out —>


1:40 p

red-bellied woodpecker eating suet


6:30 p

looking again I think Sam’s nose isn’t more as prominent as it should be… He’s not here for me to double check but it’s better than the one I did last week. I almost got his broken nose today.

Easter. the kids tell me it’s early but the days turn into weeks into months and I’m still unaware. just waiting for the bits of snow left in the yard to melt. maybe then it’ll be spring. cold & windy today. the change can’t come soon enough.


#IFJM2018  #2018IFJM