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Saudade – 4/27/21

4/27/21 @ 7:39

Saudade – a feeling of longing, melancholy, nostalgia
very Portuguese and Brazilian
Remember it from Rio Olympics closing ceremony


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April 5, 2020 – Tomato


April 5
10:22 pm

cloudy with spitting rain this afternoon and evening. now we definitely need to shop. H and I are planning our attack. do we go together as each other’s wingman? or do we go the divide and conquer route? either way we have quite the list. our pseudo empty nesting has come to an abrupt end as the prodigal children arrived after many desperate phone calls & texts. “You have to pick me up now” was the refrain. it would be humorous under any other circumstance but with people dying… it’s hard to keep spirits up. fortunately the robins don’t know any better and were singing up a storm looking for the perfect mate. pick me… pick me!

hear it should be sunny & warm tomorrow
should transplant & divide huge daylily near the front walk.