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A Likeness – 04/29/2017

10:56 AM


woo hoo! Peter knew who I painted! I finally got a likeness after days & days of doing these portraits. I guess all the studies I did and keeping this sketchbook really paid off. who knows when we’ll get back from dinner so I wanted to get all this done even though I hate doing my write up this early in the day… there’s just not much to say. it is our anniversary. one whole year. we had a mostly sunny but cool day… cooler than we’ll have today… but it was magical. a small ceremony, followed by dinner with just our families and close friends. I remember the flowering trees on the common. I keep guessing where we’re going tonight but P’s keeping mum. just tells me to wear something nice. I guess that means we won’t be going for burgers… burgers & beer… much as I love them I don’t think they’re suitable for a special occasion. P. knows that! even if he’s an “eat to live” person. He knows I’m a n “live to eat” person.


right eye… shadow from hair.


left eye… shadow from nose.


highlights & shadows


teeth… remember to tone down the white & just hint at the texture.


( image: 22 in. x 14 in. )


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flossing – 04/09/16

April 9, 2016   3:37 PM

at least i still have my own teeth. i tried some of those sling-shot flosser things but they were hard to get in and they shredded when i tried to get them out. they’re all jammed in there together. i got them fixed when I chipped the front one when i was 12. it doesn’t look too bad. i still smile.