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Frustration Reigns Supreme – 04/10/2017

9:52 PM

Frustration reigns supreme here. I really need to find my caucasian skin tone recipe. of course I can just keep layering on the white. she’s still too dark but now as I put my hand next to the drawing it doesn’t seem all that dark after all. I like how her right eye really has the feel of being recessed. and teeth… her “white” teeth has a fine layer of gray over all & then another darker layer for the shadow. the white of the paper was too white to be natural. even too white for teeth of celebrities where they have them whitened professionally.

more forehead

too pouty

realistic for some but not for everyone 

just hinting at teeth is best

three ball system works well for her nose… there’s no system for teeth… sigh.

( image:  22 in. x 14 in. )