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April 11, 2020 – Strawberries


April 11
9:43 pm

cloudy early but the wind was blowing the clouds away and it was nearly clear by dinner-time. nice long walk this afternoon after sleeping in this morning. much needed rest. poor Martha… she’d be ending her vacay to Wales just about now. this pandemic ended her hopes of going back this year. was going to end up in London just in time to celebrate Easter in the city, going to service at one of the renowned cathedrals I believe. of course I can’t remember which one. so disappointing after all her planning. she was even going to spend the next few weeks visiting old friends. I was looking forward to following her posts on Insta. vicarious traveling… no passport required.

call M. tomorrow to commiserate.


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strawberry – 04/15/16

April 15, 2016   1:53 PM

appointment this morning. why do we always wait. I’m supposed to use better punctuation and remember to capitalize first letter in a sentense. She wrote it down so I’ll remember. It slows me down even more. I have to think hard and practice more. Peter took me so Emily could go to burlington with her girlfriends. they’re shopping and then picking the boys up at the airport. spring break.