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April 7th, 2018





April 7th,

3:40 p

almost thought it was sunday. forever waiting.


4:00 p

watching golf… the Masters.  who’s leading? who cares?

looking down —>    but which way is he looking?


4:05 p

golfers are so slim these days – athletic & buff. not like the old days when they carried a bit of a paunch. thin is healthier. just heard the car door. she’s here.

I hate ballcaps! can’t draw. more distance from ear to ear eye.


6:09 p

bounding across the lawn.


8:15 p

Late-ish dinner tonight & now E’s taking a moment to face-time with Rob & the kids. Ned’s gone out to take the bird feeders in, the fish & game people worry about bears. we haven’t seen any evidence so far this spring but it’s been cold & snowy. Eva thinks we should go out for breakfast tomorrow. thinks it would be good for Ned to get out while he’s feeling good. thinks it would be good for me too. let someone else cook & clean up. I think she’s feeling bad about being so far away that she can’t help with the day to day. but I understand.


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April 2nd, 2018



April 2nd

1:30 p

tail like a ribbon

squirrels at the feeder under it & on top

running for the maple as soon as the door opens


2:18 p

now the hordes of pigeons

big shoulders


6:10 p

I heard on the news that I’ll live longer if I severely restrict my calorie intake. to what end? the zombies are going to get me anyway. and the way our nation’s politics are heading I think I’ll take my chances with the zombies. my head will hurt less.


#IFJM2018  #2018IFJM

April 8th – Squirrel


IFJM 20150408a

April 8th    11:04 am           Riverside Park


The forecast is for snow again, only 1-3 ” but it’s still SNOW!  So I’m going to be thankful for the bit of sun we’re getting this morning before the clouds roll in.  I’t’s amazing to see all the movement, we came last week and I didn’t see any squirrels, only the robins that wintered over.

IFJM 20150408b