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Tossing and Turning – 04/08/2017

10:08 PM


Worked on these as I updated my phone this evening. not exactly “date night”. the last load of laundry is in the dryer too… then I’m going to bed. I slept like crap last night, tossing and turning. I was still awake when P came back from the lab. I’m paying for it now… can barely keep my eyes open. HA! but these are!


No! too flat.

again No!

R  looking up

L  looking up

Better… but I think I need to draw a level line 1st.   pencil certainly works better with shading.

Left eye looking too far forward. she’s looking to the side. both eyes need to track together.

Longer nose needed to be in proportion to eyes.

Looking forward.


( image:  11 in. x 14 in. )