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reflection – 04/30/2016

April 30, 2016   1:27 PM

I keep putting those drops in my eye but the floaters haven’t gone away. On a better note I’m finding it much easier to get my brain to talk to my hand. My writing is faster now and closer to how I used to. My synapses are connecting again. My father used to say “getting old ain’t for sissies”. I found out later that it was a take-off on a Bette Davis quote. I guess these quotes don’t hang around unless there’s some truth in them. I thought I’d bounce right back after the fall but it’s taken much more time than I expected. My reactions just aren’t fast enough now. When Emily talked about me not driving anymore I was furious but I guess she’s right. At least I haven’t had to move. Yet. There’s always a “new normal”. Tomorrow is May 1st. May Day. The flowers have started blooming and I have a new Rifle Paper book to fill. Pink Flamingoes on it. (sic). They always make me smile. I remember the flock of them at that hotel Tom and I stayed at in Las Vegas. 


April 30th (#2 of 2) – Reflections on Gratitude

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IFJM 20150430c

April 30th    6:20 pm


4 months of daily gratitudes done.  It hasn’t been easy but just as Dr. Schwartz said I’m starting to find my way back to who I really am.  I believe that because she’s a mom too she understands the different directions I’ve been pulled.  This has helped me focus on what’s important… family… both nuclear and extended.  Their love and support has helped me immensely.

May’s journal is done.  I filled it with the paper Suz found the last time she was in Burlington.  It’s smooth, almost glossy. It’ll be interesting to see if the watercolors bead up like they do in Todd’s moleskines.

IFJM 20150430d