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Recherché – 4/5/21

4/5/21 @ 7:40

Recherché – rare, exotic, obscure


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Egyptian Licorice – 04/12/2017

8:41 PM


got to the UVHS early this morning. so early I sat in the car thinking. no radio and that’s how I know it’s serious. Sara was great as usual, such an upbeat person, it’s infectious. we had a cup of tea before I set off to do the cats. Sara always has multiple choices of Yogi brand teas to choose from. I had the egyptian licorice. sort of chai-like with spices but less overpowering. it was a lovely way to start the day. I wish my clothes shopping had been more successful. there’s an odd selection of clothing stores here. high end and fuddy-duddy or cheap and slinky. I guess I haven’t shopped much around here. I think I’ll call Carrie tomorrow & see what she thinks. art supplies are so much easier to buy. well all except for brushes. I wish I could try them out and feel them in my hand before buying but there’s nothing here. it’s online for me. don’t want to do clothes that way either. maybe I’ll chat up the women at the library. one of them, I don’t know her name, has a really cute & funky asymmetrical haircut and she dresses cool too. wonder when she works next.


tag:  In every moment of life, you should be what you ought to be.



way too much iris


looking down – still too much iris


true profile – can’t see beyond the bridge of the nose


ski jump nose


nose profiles – shape changes with the location of the balls



( image: 22 in. x 14 in. )


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Streaky – 04/02/2017

7:15 PM

when will I figure out when enough is enough. decided I was finished but still wanted her cheek to be slightly pinker. that, and I forgot to put the highlight on her earring. sigh. now she’s streaky, at least the earring looks good. can’t wait to use up this dried gouache. at times its okay but I really want to practice with fresh. getting better with proportions thanks to my warm-ups. good reminders. now this pen is drying up! more basketball tonight, this time it’s the women’s final. no party tonight. good for me. the guys are planning on going to Salt Hill tomorrow night for the men’s final. P’s rooting for South Carolina tonight and North Carolina tomorrow.

Move ear –>

Move eyes slightly closer

Ooooh! nice black. –>

I made this… a whole pan wish I could remember how I did it… hmmm… wonder if I wrote it down in one of my other books. –>


( image: 22 in. x 14 in. )