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April 28th, 2018



April 28th,

1:50 p

shopping with Beth. we’re trying new things. she’s got the cold brew coffee while I’m trying the Chai Latte. sweet & spicy. like me. hardly. well sometimes I guess.

they’re still looking to hire. not me. I’m beyond that. a teacher’s grading tests as he has his venti. I remember those days.


2:10 p

and she’s gone. think it’s a wig. just hanging out with friends. prettier than I can make her.


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April 27th, 2018



April 27th

12:30 p

they’re everywhere with their silly orange feet. eyes too.


9:20 p

friday night. watching the Red Sox. losing now. Sam came & we had dinner together. volunteered to help cat sit when we finally get away. friends have called but he’s the only one to really be there day in and day out. He and Ned have known each other longer than we’ve been married. been through a lot together.


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April 16th, 2018





April 16th

12:05 p

I have tears in my eyes as does Ned. it’s only a race but every year there are personal triumphs as well as the ever present back story of the bombing. Boston Strong forever.

the winner! amazing calves.

Desiree Linden she was only a year old the last time an american woman won.

Wheelchair division was won before we even started watching. women – Tatyana McFadden again. men – Marcel Hug. some wheelchairs still finishing & now the men’s winner Yuki Kawauchi. how exciting. he just took the lead minutes ago.

it’s pouring both here & there. they must be chilled to the bone. I’m thinking hypothermia. so bad here I can’t even take my walk. to (sic) windy & icy still. just my luck I’d break a hip. didn’t worry when I was younger.

Boylston St. Finish Line


April 16th

8:30 p

paper getting roughed up at chin.

lost the white glint.

No. needs smaller head.


10:00 p

past bedtime. the wind has finally subsided. I hope tomorrow’s better. We have to be at the hospital. by 9. just don’t want to drive if it’s icy. no choice though, we’ll be there. I’ve just been sitting here watching ’till the weather came on. rain’s moved into Maine but we’ll still have clouds. it’s just so depressing. no that’s an overreaction but still.


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April 11th, 2018


April 11th

9:30 a

we’re sleeping. at least most of us. Ned’s in bed with Niki.


6:40 p

watching the news. something I rarely do. the sound is off.

only old folks watch the news.

<—   it still lifted


8:30 p

very quiet day. and a tough one too. beautiful sun early but the clouds rolled in. and it’s not getting better soon. talking ice this weekend. That stinks. I had hoped the weather would cooperate and be warm by the time Ned felt good enough to get out. only 2 more more treatments in this cycle.

passed on life drawing tonight. not in the mood.

Beth called from work.


#IFJM2018  #2018IFJM

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April 10th, 2018



April 10th

9:45 p

Damn. of all the days to not have my paints in my bag. they’re sitting on my desk letting the ultramarine dry. I’ll color it later if I have time.


12:10 p

widow’s peak. reading Le Monde diplomatique. and not in english. I imagine she’s a french expat.

Ned’s so patient. me, less so. we’re here only on Tues. but I’m antsy while he’s in there chit-chatting with everyone. mister social. He’s truly amazing.

waiting for the doctor. again.


#IFJM2018  #2018IFJM

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April 7th, 2018





April 7th,

3:40 p

almost thought it was sunday. forever waiting.


4:00 p

watching golf… the Masters.  who’s leading? who cares?

looking down —>    but which way is he looking?


4:05 p

golfers are so slim these days – athletic & buff. not like the old days when they carried a bit of a paunch. thin is healthier. just heard the car door. she’s here.

I hate ballcaps! can’t draw. more distance from ear to ear eye.


6:09 p

bounding across the lawn.


8:15 p

Late-ish dinner tonight & now E’s taking a moment to face-time with Rob & the kids. Ned’s gone out to take the bird feeders in, the fish & game people worry about bears. we haven’t seen any evidence so far this spring but it’s been cold & snowy. Eva thinks we should go out for breakfast tomorrow. thinks it would be good for Ned to get out while he’s feeling good. thinks it would be good for me too. let someone else cook & clean up. I think she’s feeling bad about being so far away that she can’t help with the day to day. but I understand.


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April 6th, 2018



April 6th,

3:45 p

snowing AGAIN! waiting for Eva to call me back. had to pick up Morgan & get her to soccer.


Ned reminded me this morning of my favorite phrase. not a quote since I have no idea where it came from. “if you always do what you’ve always done — you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” poor grammar but a reminder to change it up if it’s not working. be calm. breathe. pull out yoga mat & use app tonight.


6:50 p

put a few too many lines around her chin. so glad she called back. reminded me I need to walk more. said she’d come tomorrow afternoon, spend the night. we’ll talk. she’s always been a rock, ever since her father left.


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April 1st, 2018



April 1st

12:20 p

studied him this am. still lost likeness.

cranium volume still off.  move face out —>


1:40 p

red-bellied woodpecker eating suet


6:30 p

looking again I think Sam’s nose isn’t more as prominent as it should be… He’s not here for me to double check but it’s better than the one I did last week. I almost got his broken nose today.

Easter. the kids tell me it’s early but the days turn into weeks into months and I’m still unaware. just waiting for the bits of snow left in the yard to melt. maybe then it’ll be spring. cold & windy today. the change can’t come soon enough.


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