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… Fake Journals… not me, but close.

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knife – 04/21/16


April 21. 2016   5:26 PM

Another one of Tom’s pocket things. I’m not even sure he used it that often. It’s small and it only has the single blade. doesn’t even have a bottle opener. But I remember it was handy the time we were at the hardware store and we couldn’t keep the trunk closed. He sliced up his hankie and retied it to make a rope. 


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hook – 04/20/16


April 20, 2016   3:50 PM

Goldfinches, Robins, Blue Jays, Grackles, Crows, Pigeons, Cardinals and Sparrows. Gray and little Red Squirrels too. I know I should be taking the feeders down but I love watching the birds so much I’ll risk having the bear come around. I remember last year when a mama came around with two cubs. They never forget where the food is. 


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clip – 04/19/16


April 19, 2016   10:40 AM

I slept like a baby. That’s silly, babies are up all night. Thinking about the boys this morning. Justin already has a job lined up after graduation. He’s going to move to Hartford. I can’t remember the insurance company. Brandon’s coming home for the summer. He said the gym was keeping his life guard position for him.

I capitalized. Yes. 


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tired – 04/18/16


April 18, 2016   9:17 PM

tired. so tired. i just want to go to bed. Emily’s back to her classes so the boys were on there own until she and Peter got home. The boys came around in the jeep to take their gram out to lunch and to stay for dinner. i think Em put them up for it. i missed my nap. this was aunt Jean’s. wonder if Em wants it. 


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strawberry – 04/15/16

April 15, 2016   1:53 PM

appointment this morning. why do we always wait. I’m supposed to use better punctuation and remember to capitalize first letter in a sentense. She wrote it down so I’ll remember. It slows me down even more. I have to think hard and practice more. Peter took me so Emily could go to burlington with her girlfriends. they’re shopping and then picking the boys up at the airport. spring break.

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scissors – 04/14/16



April 14, 2016   2:48 PM

i almost wrote 4:48. no, it’s not that late. there are 7 pairs of scissors in this drawer. why do we say pair. isn’t each one a scissor. singular. i’ve wondered about this for years. when i worked with Andrew he always said scissor. but he was from Montreal. is it singular in French. i I need to work on capitals.