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April 30th, 2018



April 30th,

4:10 p

looking east. soon I hope.

7:45 p

can’t stop thinking about the beach. when we stop in tomorrow I’ll ask what they think of us getting away. Ned has always loved sunrises. told me that he and Sam often took a minute or two to watch when in Vietnam. so long ago. but never far from their minds. We can visit the shore again. it’s hokey I know but it won’t be the same. it can be better. each sunrise is a new beginning.

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April 24th, 2018





April 24th

2:30 p

way too much going on this morning. took out my book but not able to even open it. everyone stopped around to congratulate Ned! He’s a fan favorite there and being as outgoing as he is, he’s made friends. We’ll give it a couple weeks and we’ll stop in.

Maple Buds.

came home to see Sam sawing down the branches that came down last month. said he’ll take them down to the landfill later. They’ve rented a chipper.


3:40 p

dead tree against the sky. clouds rolling in.

hemlock cones the size of my thumbnail.

squirrels are tame already. it’s early.

goldfinch male.

beautiful day. deep blue skies punctuated by thin white clouds. mackerel sky to the south. tried adding them to my dead tree thumbnail but they just don’t read like anything except squiggles. We pulled out some chairs so we could sit in the sun for a while but Ned went in when it started to cloud up. I can’t. it’s our 1st day in the 70s. even our neighbors’s daughter is out. we’ve lived here since she was born and I probably can count the number of times I’ve seen her on one hand. never see her mom either but Ed and I talk a bit. all started when I called Ned and he answered.


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April 20th, 2018


April 20th


feels good to have heat again. the furnace was running when we left this morning but the house was very cold when we returned. after a few failed attempts to get it going I called for service. he thinks they stirred up some sediment when they filled the tank while we were out.

Female Downy

looks like the hills but it’s actually a cloud bank beyond.

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April 17th, 2018



April 17th

I’ve gone out to get the car while Ned picked up his scrip. but now there’s a delay. I found a place where I can see the door. says he’ll text me when he’s ready but I know he’ll forget. chemo brain. think I’ll make a quick stop at the coop. we need some veg and I’ll see what soup they have today.


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