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Multitasking At Its Best – 04/18/2017

8:46 PM

I think this may be my best nose yet! and it may be better… the whole painting is actually better than my prelim. I remembered to widen her face and add more hair. the shadows under the hair seems to be more important than I originally thought. two weeks of nothing but gouache. my watercolors have been put away so I’m not even tempted. P watches the Red Sox while I take over the dining table. he watches while catching up on the latest biology journals. he’s leading journal club on Thursday. multitasking at its best… science & sports. 

smiles need squinty eyes to be authentic. 



needs more hair

less upper lip
( image: 11 in. x 14 in. )



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Absolutely Meditative – 04/17/2017

10:43 PM

painting her hair was absolutely meditative. phthalo blue, burnt sienna, & payne’s grey. just layer it on. and on, and on. I didn’t want to stop. her eyes are too big but… too bad. I guess I still need more proportion work. it was better in the pencil drawing. esp. her right eye. left was just a hair too large. tomorrow I’m going to check out J. Crew in Hanover. maybe they’ll have a skirt in a color other than black. I’ve finished my resume… mostly… and I’m going to check out the college job listings. one of the women who works at the med-school says there are a few openings. that would work as long as I don’t have to work with Peter. that would be way too much togetherness.  

Left eye

Right eye

nose needs to be wider

Quite Dark under lip & nearly a lost edge under right side of chin. 

( image:  22 in. x 14 in. )