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Earth Day – 04/22/2017

10:27 PM


blasted this out this morning while everyone was taking turns for a shower. I made a big pot of coffee, put out the bagels, lox & cream cheese and let everyone fend for themselves. (this pen needs refilling) (okay now… different pen) I could have spent more time blending but I like it the way it is. it seems fresher than my other portraits. Drizzly today. we spent it in Hanover at the globe exhibit, a particularly good place to go on earth day. P. thought about going to one of the science marches but we had already made plans with P. & S. decided on take-out from Kata Thai… we have plenty of beer. I would have preferred Tuk Tuk but I was out-voted.


Too long






no – no – no – no – no!   too round!!   way more nose, lips and chin please!


lip line – 2 mountains & a valley



( image: 22 in. x 14 in.)