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IFJM 2013 Wrap-Up

2013 IFJM Inside Back Cover

This journal was an exercise in seeing my world thought the eyes of the little sister I nearly had.  My parents had gone through the adoption process but cancelled when my Grandmother became ill and came to live with us.  I’ve always wondered about Leslie (the name my parents chose for her) knowing she’s out there somewhere.  She has a different name, a different family and no idea how much she’s been missed.  I truly hope her life has been as blessed as mine. This month was all about what might have been.

Leslie was fortunate to have access to my studio including two brands of gouache to choose from to create her journal. She used the inexpensive Royal & Langnickel Artist Paint for the first half of April and Schmincke Horodam Gouache for the second.  Don’t be fooled by R & L’s liberal use of the “Artist” word… this paint is definitely student grade.

Although there were twelve paints to work with in the R & L  line, Leslie far preferred to use Schmincke’s limited selection of six. Not only were they easier to blend but they’re opaque without being chalky.  There’s even an difference in texture of the dried paint on the page.  R & L is far grittier.  Schmincke, even when thickly applied, still feels smooth.

This was definitely a case of “you get what you pay for”.  These select Schmincke paints are still available as a set from Wet Paint.  Get yours now, mix them, play with them… paint like crazy.  It’s the only way to know how gouache works.

Who knows… as it was with Leslie, it may become your preferred media.


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IFJM 2013 – Journal Inscription


I was thrilled to be able to cat-sit while the two of you took some well deserved time away.  It’s been a tough couple of years and you deserve it.

You’ll never really know how much your love and support meant to me all those years I searched for my birth mom.  I realize you meant for me to keep this journal but I filled it for you as a small token of my love and appreciation.

I’ve spent the month reflecting on love and family; we’re mirror images of each other.  I’m night to your day, black to your white, and Moon to your Sun.  You’re Mom’s “Spatzi” and I’ll always be “mien Engel”.

Welcome Home

Ihre kleine Schwester,


130430c IFJM

Liebchen – Dearest

Spatzi – little sparrow

Mein Engel – my angel

Ihre kleine Schwester – your little sister
130430d IFJM


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IFJM 2013 – April 29 & 30

Ihre wunderbaren ehemann – your wonderful husband

ich und du – me and you

130429b IFJM

130430a IFJM

130430b IFJM



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IFJM 2013 – April 25, 26, 27 & 28

porzellan vögel – porcelain birds

sommersonne – summer sun

die gießkanne – the watering can

130425b IFJM

130426-27b IFJM

130428b IFJM

130426-27a IFJM

130428a IFJM



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IFJM 2013 – April 21, 22, 23 & 24

Langsam – Slowly

Rote Paprika – Red Pepper

Grüne Paprika – Green Pepper

Schildkröte – Tortoise

130421b IFJM

130422b IFJM

130423b IFJM

130424c IFJM

130424b IFJM

130424a IFJM



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IFJM 2013 – April 19 & 20

der krähenschwarm – the murder of crows

130419 & 20 IFJM



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IFJM 2013 – April 17 & 18

Zeit – time

Schlaf – sleep130417b IFJM

130418b IFJM

130418a IFJM



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IFJM 2013 – April 15 & 16

innerer frieden – inner peace

130415b IFJM

130416b IFJM

130416a IFJM



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IFJM 2013 – April 13 & 14

die ananas – the pineapple

130413b IFJM

130414b IFJM

130414a IFJM



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IFJM 2013 – April 9, 10, 11 & 12

Tulpenstrauß – bouquet of tulips

Entweder kaffee oder tee? – either coffee or tea?

Die Blüte – the bloom130409c IFJM

130410 IFJM

130411a IFJM

130411b IFJM

130412b IFJM

130412a IFJM