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Future Plans – 04/11/2017

8:05 PM

Well I found my recipe. not sure what the big fuss was about anyway. I just mixed white with burnt siena and a touch of yellow. I’m still fussing too much when I start with a too dark layer. it’s hard to get it light enough. eyes are too large in the final. more realistic in the preliminary. What a gorgeous day today. P came home early and we had lunch outside on the deck in the sun. 85*… felt like summer. when we were cleaning up we talked future plans. god… I know I need a job… no, I want a job, but I’m afraid. afraid I can’t cut it. afraid of being turned down. I know I’m getting ahead of myself but… still, I need to try. going shopping tomorrow for some new clothes. that’ll help. 

Heavy eyelids

<— less round

more round. —>

remember to keep those highlights 

she’s looking to her left. only slightly
( image:  22 in. x 14 in. )