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April 5th, 2018



April 5th

1:20 p

today it’s a downy. saw a hairy the other day similar but larger. Woody was is a pileated. there’s one down on Pleasant st.


3:35 p

stalking the feather mouse.


7:10 p

it’s taking forever to dry. watching jeopardy. can’t see clearly.


9:15 p

damn, damn damn damn damn! I do not need this! now I have flashes and floaters in my Right eye. the floater is HUGE. an octopus with its many arms. that and a crescent flash. I’ve been told not to worry unless the flashes become more common but how can I do that? yes, I’m thankful they could see me this afternoon. yes, I’m thankful they say it’s temporary. but all this so soon after we went through all this with my Left eye. Coincidence? they say so. I do not need this!


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