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April 21st, 2018



April 21st

5:45 p

new art bag and a robin. no relation other than I started the bag when the robin caught my eye as she? he? foraged in the front yard. probably happy to find bugs and maybe even a worm now that the snow has gone.

the brushes arrived this afternoon. need to make time to see how they’ll preform. will one of them replace this one eventually? maybe.

upright stance white around eye.

I struggle so with cat faces. eye in profile upper slight curve lower deeper.


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April 8th, 2018



April 8th

12:40 p

Eva. she’s incredibly organized. She had called Beth and managed to get the family to meet us at Pine. We waited for Sam to arrive for our standing breakfast and took him along. 8 of us and we had a lovely window table.


6:35 p

she and her long hair. I rarely draw her because.


9:00 p

time for bed. that’s when the flashes are at their worst, maybe they’re there all day but I’m not aware. E’s got me keeping a log now. thinks I’ll feel better because I’ll know, have more control. We laughed because she suggested drawing my floaters. not going to happen. She should be home soon. she’ll call.


#IFJM2018  #2018IFJM