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Graciously Told – 04/14/17

9:28 PM

P’s gone off to the lab. again, just a quick in & out. says this bit is the last for the week. no work this weekend being the holiday & all. we’ve been invited to Peter’s boss’s house for easter dinner. I’m a little nervous, I’ve only met him when P came for his interview. and I’ve never met his wife. I asked if we could bring something and were graciously told not to bother. they had it all under control. okay, so I don’t bring food but we’ll find something to bring. wine? flowers? I’m sure I’ll find something tomorrow at the co-op. it’s 15% off day too. sat outside this afternoon working on my resume. the sun felt so good on my shoulders. the neighbor’ cat came over. probably checking on our rodent status. our landlord says the chipmunks live under the deck. not for long if the cat has any say in the matter. 

<— CHUBBY cheeks

child’s nose – all three balls relatively the same size and spaced widely apart. 

remember lower lip lighter and has highlights. 

No! —>

huge irises & rounder eyes – looking cranky… eyebrows are knitted up. 

( image: 22 in. x 14 in. )



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Kennels – 04/05/2017

7:47 PM

the shadow under the lip really gives depth to the pout. that and the highlight beneath it. children seem to be nearly 2/3 skull and 1/3 face. today Sara asked me to help clean out the kennels instead of the cat community rooms. seems they’re going to get an influx of dogs from Texas. it’s funny, but we have a big demand for dogs and not enough to go around. and Texas has a surplus. P’s friend Joe adopted a texas dog there. he and his wife are debating getting another.

wider face <—>

think round!

slight indent near eye

( image:  11 in. x 14 in. )

( image: 22 in. x 14 in.)