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Niksen – 4/1/21

4/1/21 @ 4:40

Dutch… for doing nothing


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April 26th, 2018



April 26th

5:45 p

Lion grrrl. except she’s sweet.

vacation. holiday. whatever you want to call it, it’s on my mind. Both Eva & Beth separately asked us what’s next. Well 1st off we need to get Ned’s strength up but we both want to fit in a little time away. a driving vacation would be perfect without having to meet any timelines. I’ve always been able to drive for hours. the atlantic coast? beach walks would be good for both of us. fresh air & seafood. but how far afield should we roam? if we do Maine we could be home within the day if we wanted. two if we went farther like MD. I love Annapolis. too early though.


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April 8th, 2018



April 8th

12:40 p

Eva. she’s incredibly organized. She had called Beth and managed to get the family to meet us at Pine. We waited for Sam to arrive for our standing breakfast and took him along. 8 of us and we had a lovely window table.


6:35 p

she and her long hair. I rarely draw her because.


9:00 p

time for bed. that’s when the flashes are at their worst, maybe they’re there all day but I’m not aware. E’s got me keeping a log now. thinks I’ll feel better because I’ll know, have more control. We laughed because she suggested drawing my floaters. not going to happen. She should be home soon. she’ll call.


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