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Black – April 10th

black cats… black holes
one is made from color, hues and light. the other sucks all light so none escapes. both impossible to portray on paper. I can see one wants dinner. I need a telescope to see the other.


event horizon
Messier eighty seven
first black hole image

April 10
4:30 pm



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April 21st, 2018



April 21st

5:45 p

new art bag and a robin. no relation other than I started the bag when the robin caught my eye as she? he? foraged in the front yard. probably happy to find bugs and maybe even a worm now that the snow has gone.

the brushes arrived this afternoon. need to make time to see how they’ll preform. will one of them replace this one eventually? maybe.

upright stance white around eye.

I struggle so with cat faces. eye in profile upper slight curve lower deeper.


#IFJM2018   #2018IFJM

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April 11th, 2018


April 11th

9:30 a

we’re sleeping. at least most of us. Ned’s in bed with Niki.


6:40 p

watching the news. something I rarely do. the sound is off.

only old folks watch the news.

<—   it still lifted


8:30 p

very quiet day. and a tough one too. beautiful sun early but the clouds rolled in. and it’s not getting better soon. talking ice this weekend. That stinks. I had hoped the weather would cooperate and be warm by the time Ned felt good enough to get out. only 2 more more treatments in this cycle.

passed on life drawing tonight. not in the mood.

Beth called from work.


#IFJM2018  #2018IFJM

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April 6th, 2018



April 6th,

3:45 p

snowing AGAIN! waiting for Eva to call me back. had to pick up Morgan & get her to soccer.


Ned reminded me this morning of my favorite phrase. not a quote since I have no idea where it came from. “if you always do what you’ve always done — you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” poor grammar but a reminder to change it up if it’s not working. be calm. breathe. pull out yoga mat & use app tonight.


6:50 p

put a few too many lines around her chin. so glad she called back. reminded me I need to walk more. said she’d come tomorrow afternoon, spend the night. we’ll talk. she’s always been a rock, ever since her father left.


#IFJM2018  #2018IFJM


April 5th, 2018



April 5th

1:20 p

today it’s a downy. saw a hairy the other day similar but larger. Woody was is a pileated. there’s one down on Pleasant st.


3:35 p

stalking the feather mouse.


7:10 p

it’s taking forever to dry. watching jeopardy. can’t see clearly.


9:15 p

damn, damn damn damn damn! I do not need this! now I have flashes and floaters in my Right eye. the floater is HUGE. an octopus with its many arms. that and a crescent flash. I’ve been told not to worry unless the flashes become more common but how can I do that? yes, I’m thankful they could see me this afternoon. yes, I’m thankful they say it’s temporary. but all this so soon after we went through all this with my Left eye. Coincidence? they say so. I do not need this!


#IFJM2018  #2018IFJM

April 4th – Cat

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IFJM 20150404a

April 4th   7:00am           Bed


Coffee in bed!  I feel like a queen and it’s not even my birthday.  Todd’s taking E. over to his mom n’ dad’s for breakfast. Peace and quiet here, just Buddy and me hanging out.  No screaming, crying or cartoons blaring.  I can’t even be bothered to pick up a book; we’ll just enjoy the rainy morning.

IFJM 20150404b