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A Material Wrap-up for my 2014 IFJM Project

As I started to put my 2014 IFJM journal away with my other journals I realized the book needed either a slipcase or a wrap to keep it dust-free. I could also label the case as I do my other journals.

Decisions, decisions… if I made a slipcase I’d have to get out the glue and was just too much bother.

A wrap it is!

IFJM Wrap2

I used a pre-painted piece of scrap paper and cut, creased and folded it to contain the little book. In the next image I believe you can see the four pencil dots I used to mark the dimensions by dotting where the book corners would sit. I removed the extra paper from all four corners.

IFJM Wrap1

I measured the depth of my book and used that measurement to make a second crease on all four flaps.  I then cut a tab on the left hand flap and used one of my hand punches to round all the corners. When I did a trial fold I could then see where I needed to make the slot.

IFJM Wrap3

The book is now securely wrapped and labeled and tucked away on my bookshelf.

IFJM 2014… finished!


IFJM Wrap4