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Waldeinsamkeit – 4/23/21

4/23/21 @ 7:08

Waldeinsamkeit – forest solitude


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April 9th, 2018



April 9th

7:30 a

slept in. and then I remembered. yesterday was Draw A Bird Day and the 1st day in years that I didn’t. it’s crazy since I saw these two at the end of our street on the way to breakfast and committed them to memory.

Quince bush. mockingbirds. tail up and twitching.


3:30 p

in the midst of laundry it’s time for a break. tea & watching a couple of youtube watercolor videos. inspirational. I want to add figures to my paintings. need practice.

angle off.

this is a new pencil. Pentel. softer darker lead.


5:25 p

dinner’s in the oven. laundry done. another long day tomorrow. I’ll do dishes, call Beth & Eva and take my book to bed. rereading Kingsolver’s Small Wonder.


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