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April 29th – Barn Owl

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IFJM 20150429

April 29th     2:58 pm         VINS


Thanks Todd!  I can’t stop thinking about taking a class again!  When I went to make my coffee I noticed T. had put AVA gallery’s summer schedule next to the machine with a big “GO!” in red marker next to the listings.  I haven’t picked up a real brush in years.  I’m not even sure where they are… I know I didn’t give them away.  I’ll have to check the boxes in the basement.  I’m looking at the 3 day Landscape watercolor class in August.  Pricey!  We could call it an early birthday present.  But it’s in the middle of the week who could take E. if T. can’t get the time off.  Why worry, T’s parents or Mom would come through.