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2018 IFJM – The Artist

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April 2018 – International Fake Journal Month – Dana Burrell

The Artist

I couldn’t stand the saccharine covers on the 6 in. x 8 in. inexpensive sketchbooks I bought at Michaels so I altered them first with layers of gesso, then acrylic paint and finally a few layers of assorted stamps. I also took out the saddle stitching and replace it with a 5-hole pamphlet stitch using maroon waxed linen thread. The inside covers had lots of maroon splotches so they were muted with a layer of blue acrylic paint.

I can’t say enough about these little sketchbooks. Michaels sells a pack of 2 for 6$ USD. They hold up beautifully to wet media as you can see by my pencil and watercolor sketches.

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