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It’s 2021 Fake Journal Time!

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Yes, the calendar year has rolled around and it’s April again… time to celebrate a month of fakery… it’s International Fake Journal Month.

If you’re new here and found this page on a whim International Fake Journal Month, or IFJM for short, was originated by artist, Roz Stendahl. Although she discontinued the public celebration in early 2019 I’ve continued to create a journal for the last two years posting the pages here on this blog.

This years journal will be my tenth. I’ve picked out my supplies but I still don’t have a feel for my character. I only know that I will adhere to the two most basic and critical rules… my character must first be human, and secondly, journal in real time… this is not a science fiction novel writing exercise where a dinosaur journals about the days after the asteroid. That would be so cool… but that’s a whole different month!

If you’re still interested then please visit the Official International Fake Journal Blog and start with the introductory post What is IFJM? There’s much more to explore if you scroll down to the Find Related Posts word cloud column on the right. Fair warning… you could fall down Alice’s rabbit hole and not emerge for quite a while.

My character’s going to use a Daler-Rowney A4 Sketchbook. She knows this paper wasn’t created to handle wet media but she just doesn’t care. She’s planning to use her Sailor Profit fude nib pen, a set of mostly Schmincke watercolors along with 10-Round and 4-Liner brushes to round out her supplies.

I can’t wait to see where she goes… please join me.


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