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April 10, 2020 – Raisins


April 10,
8:49 pm

cloudy until late this afternoon when they started to break up to let the sun stream though the windows. extremely long video conference this afternoon as the sun shone. wanted to get the hell out. Linda kept belaboring a point so long it would have been preferable to have pins stuck in my eyes… sheesh! came downstairs to find an old Doctor Who jigsaw puzzle spread out on the dining room table but no one around. snuck a few pieces into place before retreating with a couple of oreos. nobody mentioned it at dinner and I’m kind of disappointed. am I invisible?

fresh basil & smoked mozzarella.
wonder if the coop has any.


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April 9, 2020 – Banana


April 9
8:26 pm

cloudy then rain, rain, rain. not light or drizzle but not swilling either… just consistent. it’s easier to get work done when the weather is inclement. another… yet another… computer update that needed to be done first thing. took about 45 minutes enough time to make another pour-over and savor it while watching the progress bar. big discussion today was all about Settlers of Catan. S & L wanted to play but both hate the 2 person versions. ended up rooting thru the game stash and found Aunt Sandy’s ancient scrabble set up. brought back memories. the tiles are wood not plastic.

Remember to hard boil eggs in the morning.

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April 8, 2020 – Annie’s


April 8,
9:19 pm

cloudy all day. yes it got marginally brighter this afternoon but then the heavier cloud banks rolled in again. better access today as some updates were released. really did do laundry today as I bounced up and down the stairs between loads and slack convos. things went so well that I’ve shelved the idea of getting a new improved laptop with lots of RAM… think that’s what I think the IT guy said. so not my thing, Sy tried explaining but my eyes crossed and all I heard was blah – blah – blah… yada, yada, yada. haven’t thought of Seinfeld in forever… is it even on TV anymore? Lise made cookies this afternoon, the first self directed fun thing she’s done in probably a week. let me lick the bowl… love cookie dough.

go to bed earlier & get up earlier.

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April 7, 2020 – Olive Oil


April 7
8:10 pm

sunny and warm most of the day becoming mostly cloudy later but surprisingly clear enough to see the full pink supermoon this evening as it came up. zoom meeting again this morning but everything changed when I clicked in. this time it was held internally instead of opening the zoom app. they claim it’s secure. at least no hackers today. instead the day was filled with emails making me think, it this it? paper-pushing? watching the news, seeing all the first responders and health care workers. so brave. I’m humbled. happy I don’t have kids in grade school. talked with Cynthia this afternoon, she’s struggling as she tries to balance the work from home thing against being the kids substitute teacher,

daylily? what daylily!

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April 6, 2020 – Albacore


April 6,
8:56 pm

mostly sunny with high wispy clouds turning windier as the day went on. good to get out earlier in the afternoon. connection froze up on me multiple times. enough of a hassle that only a walk could fix my mood. wish I could have a destination… used to be I could walk for a cup of coffee, a stop at the library, even bibimbap at Yama as a treat for lunch. there’s not even any construction I can monitor. lovely silence. had to take this into the basement to get away. claimed I was doing laundry. no volunteers to help so I’m on my own.

still need to transplant the daylily. now I feel it’s too nice out to work outside. always an excuse.

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April 5, 2020 – Tomato


April 5
10:22 pm

cloudy with spitting rain this afternoon and evening. now we definitely need to shop. H and I are planning our attack. do we go together as each other’s wingman? or do we go the divide and conquer route? either way we have quite the list. our pseudo empty nesting has come to an abrupt end as the prodigal children arrived after many desperate phone calls & texts. “You have to pick me up now” was the refrain. it would be humorous under any other circumstance but with people dying… it’s hard to keep spirits up. fortunately the robins don’t know any better and were singing up a storm looking for the perfect mate. pick me… pick me!

hear it should be sunny & warm tomorrow
should transplant & divide huge daylily near the front walk.

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April 4, 2020 – Sriracha


April 4
8:30 pm

partly sunny earlier but then the clouds rolled in. at least it was warmish. warmest day in a long while. we all got out of the house each doing their own thing. I got my walk in while Hank “cleaned” the garage. looked like he got some stuff done but I noticed the radio was on and one of the camp chairs had been set up. at least he got the grilled fired up. the leftovers went into the black hole that is our freezer and he made a commando run to PC for burger fixins. that made everyone happy. Sy went to the rail trail with his bud Max and promised to keep his distance. Lise worries me, been sullen for days.

Call Dianne. been neglecting her.

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April 3, 2020 – Swatches



April 3 , I’m not sure why I’ve been writing the year.
11:23 pm

cloudy turning to rain turning to more cloudy to showers to less cloudy. still no walk. every time I thought about getting out there I was interrupted. phone calls, emails all about the nasty zoom bombing hacking stuff. I’ve always followed the link but no passwords ’till now. all going crazy here, don’t feel like cooking and everyone’s already sick of my cooking. too bad today. we’re doing more leftovers but scheduling take out for Sunday. everybody has their favorites and we’re trying to ¬†get a consensus. think I should get 2 votes ’cause I’ve been cooking.
Thai? please?

need to not get sucked into the internet/social media tomorrow.

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April 2, 2020 – Barilla


April 2, 2020
9:54 pm (coincidentally, same as yesterday)

cloudy and cooler than yesterday with rain this afternoon and evening. starting to really hate zoom. first Hank’s early one and then my two this evening. short but right at dinner time. too many west coasties. hard enough to feed the fam now that everyone’s home but trying to fit it in around work. Oh for the good ole’ days of crazy long hours – but when I was home, I was home. shopping list keeps getting longer and longer but just don’t want to go. down to the last box of pasta. have plenty of oatmeal for breakfast but no one really wants it.

missed my walk today – gotta go no matter the weather.

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April 1, 2020 – Lysol


April 1, 2020
9:54 pm

after a sunny, then cloudy day, it’s clear and the stars are out. everyone’s gone to bed and I’m finally alone. turned off the TV. well they may have said they were going to bed but I can hear talking. someone, probably Lise and probably talking to her fella. this corona thing has really changed dating. can’t say that I’m that upset with that aspect. No chance she’ll be moving too fast. all her classes are online now and he’s moved home. only wish I could have met him. bet Silas is playing some online math game with his friends. me? offline for now. hate working from home. need a better schedule with breaks before my eyes start crossing.

Hank has an early meeting tomorrow
I’ll set my alarm.