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April 20, 2020 – Sprouts

April 20
2:30 pm

sunny with high clouds… mare’s tails… means it’s windy up there. time for a break. seems like the web has been faster these last few days. the companies have probably done some updating ’cause I don’t think people have suddenly stopped streaming netflix. had an evening coffee yesterday, boy! was that a mistake! didn’t get to bed ’till 1 am but still got up this morning at 6 so I could be “on time” when I “got to work.” clocking in equals logging in to the secure site. just made a cup of cocoa and searched the fridge. there’s nothing appealing. already had carrots and grapes this morning. I won’t eat cookies.

missed walk today & won’t get to it later… can I manage extra time tomorrow?


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April 19, 2020 – Yellow Curry


April 19
8:42 pm

sunny but crazy windy and the clouds rolled in earlier than expected it I did get that walk in. came home to find everyone up and cleaning the house! totally unexpected. looked around to see the dining table cleared of notes, laptop, old mail and catalogs. haven’t seen that in weeks! the music was crankin’ – vintage Rolling Stones – Hank’s favorite. said he was inspired by that 1st responder benefit concert on TV last night. Mick Jagger, Elton John – they still have decent voices. Paul McCartney – not so much. they’re all about the same age I believe. late 70s.

walk later tomorrow… after the rain.

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April 18, 2020 – Grits


April 18
7:28 pm

cloudy with snow flurries this morning but warming and clearing all day. ta-da! the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is finally finished. Lise put the last piece in place this morning. when I got up I found her in front of it facetiming with her boyfriend as she tried piece after piece ’till it was complete. also finally got around to making the butternut squash soup. I had forgotten how tasty it is. trying to change up our meal plan alternating veg dinners with meat dinners… using the pantry stash too. never been one to do the meal planning thing but I’ve been coming closer these last few weeks. been eyeing this half empty box of grits… polenta with sauce?

walk early tomorrow while it’s still sunny.

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April 17, 2020 – Salt


April 17
9:12 pm

sunny early but again, the clouds rolled in… rather chilly too. why is my pen blotching? of course now that I mention it, it seems to be better. our return to the office has been put off for another 2 weeks… Monday May 18th. and we’ll be wearing masks too, probably because we’ll be closer than 6 feet. it’s a month away and things are so up in the air… bet they’ll change. so happy it’s Friday. dinner’s served, dishes washed, Harry Potter’s on TV and Hank’s popping popcorn to go with our Farkle tournament. (misspelled it yesterday)

stuff to landfill tomorrow.
wonder if they’re still recycling?

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April 16, 2020 – Oranges

April 16
9:03 pm

cloudy and then late morning we had snow flakes! just a dusting and thankfully they melted fast. some days are slow so while waiting for a response to my email I fell down the internet/coronavirus rabbit hole. studies, charts and so much data! I’m so impressed with Johns Hopkins site. went there because it seems all the news outlets refer to them first. then I hear our schools won’t reopen ’till fall. Sy’s pretty upset… feels as if he’s been cheated. can’t blame him. at least he’ll still have his senior year come fall. ordered sandwiches from Harpoon. Yay!

Hank suggested Farkel tomorrow night.
Friday night Farkel.

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April 15, 2020 – Carnation


April 15
8:33 pm

again, a day like yesterday but a bit cooler and a lot windier. tough day today. it’s as if it finally hit me that this will be how it is for a long while. Silas is out on the drive shooting hoops. being the most extrovert of us he’s really missing his friends. Tough to play HORSE by yourself and I’m hopeless at free throws. Hank will give him a game… hopefully tomorrow but definitely this weekend. I remember bitching about the cost of riggings up the outside lights never realizing how wonderful they’d be allowing late night games and extra practice time after a night’s poor shooting. No basketball games for how long? who knows.

so sick of cooking… need take out.
but where?

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April 14, 2020 – Onion Soup


April 14
4:20 pm

mostly sunny punctuated by high clouds and it’s still windy though not as howling as it was last night. even the cats were bothered, pacing from room to room. Maisie, as old as she is, slept right thru it. I’d swear she was deaf but she still hears her food bowl filling. just in from my walk. saw Shelby with her ancient dog Sammy. they still walk the neighborhood albeit slowly, while Maisie’s confined to the backyard now… doesn’t seem to mind. looking thru the pantry I unearthed this box of Onion Soup mix. can’t remember buying it or making anything with it. way too much sodium.

register for online google search class.

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April 13, 2020 – Dijon

April 13
9:02 pm

Swilling rain for most of the day, remnants of the horrible storm and tornados that tore though the south last night killing over two dozen, may be thirty but I can’t verify. heard it on the radio while I was making dinner. also heard I shouldn’t fight my grief but instead accept that it’s normal to feel the loss of what was. no one knows what’s coming, what our new life will be. truly the new normal. trying to focus on the now, making dinner, doing my job, loving my family, calling friends. but there has to be hope or it could be oppressive. who am I kidding, it is oppressive.

butternut squash soup? there’s a loaf of hearth bread in the freezer.

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April 12, 2020 – Cholula


April 12
8:12 pm

cool and sunny early, becoming warmer and cloudy later. know it’s Easter but it’s just another day, in another week of days, in another month of days. same old – same old. after weeks of daily hormonal swings in the kids, it’s my turn to be in a funk. teary-eyed all day while himself has been Mr. even-keel. does anything fluster that man? it’s infuriating at times. on the other hand that’s why I married him. I’m a walking emotion while he’s considered and self-contained… but he’s not cold… he feels it, just keeping it all just under the surface. like a simmering volcano, it’ll eventually explode. meltdown ahead. when, I don’t know.

wonder if I can get a walk in before work and the forecasted rain.


April 11, 2020 – Strawberries


April 11
9:43 pm

cloudy early but the wind was blowing the clouds away and it was nearly clear by dinner-time. nice long walk this afternoon after sleeping in this morning. much needed rest. poor Martha… she’d be ending her vacay to Wales just about now. this pandemic ended her hopes of going back this year. was going to end up in London just in time to celebrate Easter in the city, going to service at one of the renowned cathedrals I believe. of course I can’t remember which one. so disappointing after all her planning. she was even going to spend the next few weeks visiting old friends. I was looking forward to following her posts on Insta. vicarious traveling… no passport required.

call M. tomorrow to commiserate.