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April 25, 2020 – Frank’s

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April 25
2:52 pm

beautiful! mostly sunny with a few high clouds. warm too. back from shopping and there are a ton of people doing the same – all trying to keep the required distance and wearing their masks just like the grocery workers – there’s a few that don’t get it. noses peeking out from the top. glad to be home again. guess I’m not ready to go back, ready for “reopening”. agree we should start thinking about the process but I’m still reluctant. on my way outside to finally get the irises dug up, moved the white ones last year.

tomorrow? maybe make pizza again… we’ve got the fresh basil.

One thought on “April 25, 2020 – Frank’s

  1. I’m keeping my own journal. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying seeing your art and handwriting and reading your thoughts. I find them similar to mine. The ups and downs that accompany each days or so it seems. I haven’t been to a store, etc for about six weeks now. I walk every morning through my neighborhood, though. That helps keep me sane. I’m not crazy about Zoom but am doing it for our Tuesday WW group meetings.
    I love seeing your watercolors. Keep it up! You’re doing great and keeping me inspired. Thanks.
    Linda Piotrowski

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