Skylark Karma

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April 20, 2020 – Sprouts

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April 20
2:30 pm

sunny with high clouds… mare’s tails… means it’s windy up there. time for a break. seems like the web has been faster these last few days. the companies have probably done some updating ’cause I don’t think people have suddenly stopped streaming netflix. had an evening coffee yesterday, boy! was that a mistake! didn’t get to bed ’till 1 am but still got up this morning at 6 so I could be “on time” when I “got to work.” clocking in equals logging in to the secure site. just made a cup of cocoa and searched the fridge. there’s nothing appealing. already had carrots and grapes this morning. I won’t eat cookies.

missed walk today & won’t get to it later… can I manage extra time tomorrow?


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