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April 12, 2020 – Cholula

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April 12
8:12 pm

cool and sunny early, becoming warmer and cloudy later. know it’s Easter but it’s just another day, in another week of days, in another month of days. same old – same old. after weeks of daily hormonal swings in the kids, it’s my turn to be in a funk. teary-eyed all day while himself has been Mr. even-keel. does anything fluster that man? it’s infuriating at times. on the other hand that’s why I married him. I’m a walking emotion while he’s considered and self-contained… but he’s not cold… he feels it, just keeping it all just under the surface. like a simmering volcano, it’ll eventually explode. meltdown ahead. when, I don’t know.

wonder if I can get a walk in before work and the forecasted rain.


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