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#IFJM2018 – Wrap-Up

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Since 2019’s International Fake Journal Month begins tomorrow I won’t go into much depth with this review. Believe me, I should have done this months ago while it was still fresh in my mind… but better late than never I guess.

The journal I used was an extremely inexpensive store-bought sketchbook from Michaels that I adapted by removing the stitched binding, adding more pages from the other sketchbook in the pair and restitching the binding. I painted both the outside and inside covers with acrylic paints to obscure the pre-printed floral pattern. At 6 in. x 8 in. this journal was easy to carry with me at all times. That, a pencil, a size 8 travel round synthetic brush and a small Whiskey Painter’s Palette with 12 half-pans was the extent of my kit.

I was pleasantly surprised how well this sketchbook handled watercolor. Yes, there’s a bit of rippling but that doesn’t bother me. In fact it causes a wonderful crinkling sound as the pages are turned. I found that the art doesn’t have to fill a page… small sketches, thumbnails and vignettes can be more than enough to tell a day’s story. And my character journaled in the spaces between the sketches adding context.

Roz Stendahl, the organizer of IFJM – International Fake Journal Month, had selected a theme for 2018… Translating the Inevitable. She also provided a series of prompts each day that we could have our character respond to in their journal. I chose not to use any of the prompts… I find they don’t inspire me as they used to.

2018 was the last year Roz would organize the public celebration of International Fake Journal Month. She explains her reasons eloquently in her final post on the Official International Fake Journal Blog. I will miss her inspiration but realize that everything has its time… its season.

I’m going to continue to keep a Fake Journal and post it here… this’ll be my eighth year!  Will I continue into 2020 and beyond? I think that decision will have to wait, but 2019’s journal has been selected and everything’s ready to go. Vamos!

#2018IFJM  #IFJM2018

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