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April 20th, 2018


April 20th


feels good to have heat again. the furnace was running when we left this morning but the house was very cold when we returned. after a few failed attempts to get it going I called for service. he thinks they stirred up some sediment when they filled the tank while we were out.

Female Downy

looks like the hills but it’s actually a cloud bank beyond.

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April 19th, 2018



April 19th

8:40 a

well… so much for my resolve. held off till late last night before succumbing to Blick’s big anniversary sale. 107 years. older than Barbara Bush. I think this brush will hang in a bit longer but it’s my favorite and I don’t want to be pushed when it needs replacing. Bought a Black Velvet travel and then splurged on a daVinci sable travel. $$$. been so occupied I haven’t even tested the paints I got last month. I want to see how the new DS quin gold compares to the old formulation and how the DS Transp. Red Oxide compares to my WN Burnt Sienna. same pigment but we’ll see. I also got a tube of Cobalt Violet. why??? can’t remember.

not saturated at all! may be good for flowers or sunsets.

Quin Gold   Old PO49    New PO48 PY150

PR101  WN B. Sienna  DS T. Red Ox

the new QG seems to be brighter than the older more muted one but looks can be deceiving on this crumby (sic) paper. I’ll test it again on my arches later. The Red Ox is redder & granulates a bit. I’ll need to try some mixes too.

I have moonglow in my other palette. wonder how it looks compared to my mix Q. Rose & UM.

Moonglow – subtle.


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April 18th, 2018



April 18th

4:30 p

just sitting in the living room zoning out. Barbara Bush. refusing more treatment. COPD. must have wanted to put her on a respirator. No. that’s not living. and I might not have agreed with her but she does know about living. did know. 92 years.

<— Yow! what is that?

it’s a book! lot’s (sic) better. but still not there yet.


6:10 p

thank goodness I bought extra clam chowder yesterday. It’ll be an easy dinner. I can’t get motivated to do much more.


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April 17th, 2018



April 17th

I’ve gone out to get the car while Ned picked up his scrip. but now there’s a delay. I found a place where I can see the door. says he’ll text me when he’s ready but I know he’ll forget. chemo brain. think I’ll make a quick stop at the coop. we need some veg and I’ll see what soup they have today.


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April 16th, 2018





April 16th

12:05 p

I have tears in my eyes as does Ned. it’s only a race but every year there are personal triumphs as well as the ever present back story of the bombing. Boston Strong forever.

the winner! amazing calves.

Desiree Linden she was only a year old the last time an american woman won.

Wheelchair division was won before we even started watching. women – Tatyana McFadden again. men – Marcel Hug. some wheelchairs still finishing & now the men’s winner Yuki Kawauchi. how exciting. he just took the lead minutes ago.

it’s pouring both here & there. they must be chilled to the bone. I’m thinking hypothermia. so bad here I can’t even take my walk. to (sic) windy & icy still. just my luck I’d break a hip. didn’t worry when I was younger.

Boylston St. Finish Line


April 16th

8:30 p

paper getting roughed up at chin.

lost the white glint.

No. needs smaller head.


10:00 p

past bedtime. the wind has finally subsided. I hope tomorrow’s better. We have to be at the hospital. by 9. just don’t want to drive if it’s icy. no choice though, we’ll be there. I’ve just been sitting here watching ’till the weather came on. rain’s moved into Maine but we’ll still have clouds. it’s just so depressing. no that’s an overreaction but still.


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April 14th, 2018



April 14th

1:00 p

legs set widely apart.

Crows strutting through town.


4:40 p



8:10 p

It didn’t hit me ’till I drew him. Ned needs a haircut. badly. maybe we can get him there sometime next week. wind’s howling & he’s gone to bed.

watching The Martian. again. “I’m gonna science the shit out of it.”   Yes!   watching Mars movies is better than watching the news. much better.


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April 12th, 2018


April 12th

12:35 p

I had just started sketching them when they asked me to come out and see if they needed to prune out even more branches.


1:10 p

my garden clogs.


6:40 p

we hit 60 today. the pruning should have been done months ago but just kept putting it off. Now I need to make a vet appt. just working through the ttd list.


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April 11th, 2018


April 11th

9:30 a

we’re sleeping. at least most of us. Ned’s in bed with Niki.


6:40 p

watching the news. something I rarely do. the sound is off.

only old folks watch the news.

<—   it still lifted


8:30 p

very quiet day. and a tough one too. beautiful sun early but the clouds rolled in. and it’s not getting better soon. talking ice this weekend. That stinks. I had hoped the weather would cooperate and be warm by the time Ned felt good enough to get out. only 2 more more treatments in this cycle.

passed on life drawing tonight. not in the mood.

Beth called from work.


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