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Deep Deliberation – 04/30/2017

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2:10 PM


I love the expression on this woman. she seems to be in deep deliberation. maybe she’s wondering which sketchbook she’ll use next… or like me, wondering instead who she’ll be drawing next. that’s always the issue. who will strike my fancy. I always have a choice on my phone but the final decision is always made at the last minute. slept in late this morning. we both feel like slugs. dinner was amazing! drove down to Walpole… Burdick’s. the same Burdick’s that supplies chocolates for the White House. at least they used to. I’m a sucker for seafood so ordering the Lobster Risotto was a no-brainer. Peter had the Ribeye Steak Frites & we split the Chocolate Lemon Cake. didn’t get home ’till nearly midnight. back to counting carbs… sigh. … and a new sketchbook.


( image 11 in. x 14 in. )


( image 22 in. x 14 in. )


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