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More Subtle – 04/28/2017

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8:40 PM


after letting the last square jawline get away from me, I was determined to get this fella right. I also really tried to make his facial lines less contrasty… more subtle. I prefer it. It’s a mix of english red and ultramarine. I would rather have used a darker indigo tone like indanthrone blue but I think I’m out. I need to check if I have another tube so I can fill my palette. the combo of a white plate in addition to the palette works best. when I was leaving today I noticed that yesterday’s woman had arrived with her husband. I hope they take one of the puppies. the litter was quite large & mom seems to be at the end of her rope. we don’t get puppies that often… usually… mostly… adults. they’ll be old enough to go in a few days. I’m psyched… we’re going out for our anniversary tomorrow. P. says it’s a surprise but I keep guessing where we’ll go anyway.


spiky eyebrows… hooded eyes.


very square jawline… don’t forget the stubble.


( image: 22 in. x 14 in. )


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