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Surreptitiously Snapped – 04/27/2017

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8:47 PM


I knew I wanted to draw this woman yesterday. surreptitiously snapped a photo yesterday while she was on her knees goo-gooing with a puppy she was considering adopting. she had come without her husband because he said he wouldn’t come until she had narrowed the choice down to one or two. thank goodness I’ve gotten in the habit of always having my phone in my pocket. I’m always hopeful when I see a person bond with one of our cats or dogs, but it’s tough… some days I’m sure there’ll be an adoption and then I’m crushed when I come back the next week to find the creature’s still there. we already have 2 cats from there and dogs just wouldn’t fit into our schedule… even if the landlord would agree. the long term residents break my heart the most.


iris is oval when seen from the side.

looking up.

( image: 11 in. x 14 in. )



( image: 22 in. x 14 in. )


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