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Chiseled Jawline – 04/25/2017

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9:05 PM

now this is an interesting one. I’ve got the likeness yet not. where did his chin go? that upper lip is way, way, way too long. he does have a chiselled chiseled jawline but his right cheek is too round in my rendition. maybe I just got wild with my brush and didn’t really notice it ’till now… then again… I might have just painted what I thought a cheek should be instead of what it really is. what’s really silly is I like it! It’s more like a charicature than a portrait. That’s it! … I’ll get a job at Disney World drawing funny portraits of the tourists… I won’t have to go to the interview next week. I’m happy I got a call-back but I have to wait nearly a week before the meeting. seems the chair is at a conference and won’t be back in the office ’till Monday.


more, more, more… more forehead and hair


they eyes are actually set below the midlevel.


open mouth


uneven eyes


Left… hooded


( image: 22 in. x 14 in. )


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