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Tough Save – 04/23/2017

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9:13 PM


this was a tough save. at one point I was ready to admit defeat and close the book! those eyes… first too light, then too dark. he looked as if he had kohl eyeliner. even now it seems too “outline-y” to me. got the eyebrow shape though. gotta find… and appreciate… the stuff that works. I also like the shading in the iris. P & S left ~ 5… figured they’d be home early enough to catch the end of the Celtics game. at least they have a beautiful ride. the sun was out all day and we had warm temperatures too. not bad for April. stopped at Michaels on the way home from the Montshire. used my 50% coupon on a set of gray pitt pens. they’ll be great to take in my purse when I want to add a little depth to one of my black ink sketches. good for a dropped shadow too. yet another thing to practice.


flat ears


thick eyebrows sloping down


thin lips… protruding chin


( image:  22 in. x 14 in. )


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