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Traffic Exodus – 04/21/2017

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11:42 PM


yes, I painted this in the afternoon, but it just seemed wrong to do my write up then. too early. this was a lesson in patience… way too many tiny strokes and squiggles… I did some, walked away and set up the spare room… did some more, walked away and made a large salad & stuck it in the fridge… did even more, and cleaned the bathroom. ready for Paul & Suzanne! they actually arrived pretty early ~7:00. turns out they managed to get out of work and escape the city before the major traffic exodus. the bros have been discussing politics. I saw Suzanne roll her eyes so we left them at the dining room table and took our wine into the living room. we talked jobs etc. she thinks I should forget the whole job thing and go back and get a teaching certificate / degree… I don’t think so. who’s hiring art teachers now! no one! sweet of her to think I could do it. now to bed.


right eye


left eye


just a hint of an under-eye shadow on both.


( image: 22 in. x 14 in. )


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