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Paying Attention – 04/15/2017

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10:37 PM

I can draw all the level lines I want but if I’m not paying attention, like tonight, I’ll still draw the nostrils too straight instead of on a tilt. smaller portraits take less than a quarter of the time I spend on the large ones. just the right amount of time to spend this weekend. lovely warm day. we went for coffee this morning, then did the food shopping. too nice to do much of anything else. the laundry will just have to be done tomorrow – maybe after we get back from easter dinner. I’d do it in the morning but we have church. and being easter I bet it goes long. we thought about going out for dinner but instead we did the pizza thing. beer for Peter, wine for me. wonder if I can finish the bottle before it goes off.





( image: 11 in. x 14 in. )


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