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Discomforting Feeling – 04/13/2017

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10:08 PM



it’s too late and I’m too tired. in fact I was so tired when I started this that I decided to forego making a full gouache portrait. my mechanical pencil to the rescue. I had another poor nights sleep and woke up this morning knowing I dreamt and having a real discomforting feeling that something bad had happened. like a nightmare but not. do I remember anything beyond that? of course not. that’s both good and bad I guess. oooh… my hand is smearing the pencil. it’s definitely time to stop, wash my hands and go to bed.


look right —>


<— look left


lower lip more recessed than upper but catches more light



( image: 22 in. x 14 in. )


One thought on “Discomforting Feeling – 04/13/2017

  1. You are inspiring me to give gouache faces a try. They are lovely studies.

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