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Dark to Light – 04/07/2017

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10:54 PM


It’s important to paint much more than “pretty” people. folks who’ve lived long, and show it, are so much more fun. jowels and all. no ink lines but I did paint a faint outline with dilute gouache. this dark to light stuff is crazy. as I start I think this’ll never work but as the paint layers on it starts to look as if I’m finally getting somewhere. We’re watching LOTR: Two Towers as I finish this up. there’s Liv Tyler for Peter and Viggo Mortensen for me. He’s got to go back to the lab tonight. something to do with the next step in the experiment – reaction – whatever. should take less than an hour. seems like poor planning to me. then again, I’m not the scientist.


remember: no lines

HIGHLIGHTS  (circle)

LOWLIGHTS  (hatching)

Longer face <—->


( image: 22 in. x 14 in. )



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