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Strange Syncronicity – 04/06/2017

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8:34 PM

I look at this and immediately remember the film Big Eyes with amy adams playing margaret keane, the artist, the woman who painted the huge eyed urchins all the while her hus. passed them off as his own! the next one I must remember to lose the pen lines especially around the nose and along the jaw line. her eyes may bee too large but I’m okay with them. it’s odd but this number, her lips and her sweater all were painted with the same paint. they were not! just some strange syncronicity. cold and rainy today. at least the snow will be gone soon. met C. for lunch at the diner. she thinks i should see if any of the other shelters have openings, something paid, not just another volunteer position. trouble is, I love working with the animals. once it’s a job I’m afraid I won’t like it anymore.

Truly an eye ball!

More iris

( image: 22 in. X 14 in. )



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