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On the Fritz – 04/04/2017

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8:35 PM

all my planning, all my diagrams and I still drew her with too much face and not enough head. doesn’t show her head tilted forward enough. I don’t have the energy to try her again. it’s been quite a day. doctor appt. wait. pharmacy. wait. health insurance phone call. wait. and on top of it all our printer has gone on the fritz. I couldn’t face calling support so I spent a couple o’ hours getting it to work. I’m pretty pleased with myself. I guess I learned something useful at that mind-numbing, soul-sucking ex-job of mine. good riddance. P’s promised me we’ll get away after spring term. that’ll be June. two & 1/2 months but it’ll be great. where to go?

downward or forward tilt. 

too much tilt to the side and none forward

tilted! to the side and forward still too much to the side. 

( image:  11 in. x 14 in. )



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