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reflection – 04/30/2016


April 30, 2016   1:27 PM

I keep putting those drops in my eye but the floaters haven’t gone away. On a better note I’m finding it much easier to get my brain to talk to my hand. My writing is faster now and closer to how I used to. My synapses are connecting again. My father used to say “getting old ain’t for sissies”. I found out later that it was a take-off on a Bette Davis quote. I guess these quotes don’t hang around unless there’s some truth in them. I thought I’d bounce right back after the fall but it’s taken much more time than I expected. My reactions just aren’t fast enough now. When Emily talked about me not driving anymore I was furious but I guess she’s right. At least I haven’t had to move. Yet. There’s always a “new normal”. Tomorrow is May 1st. May Day. The flowers have started blooming and I have a new Rifle Paper book to fill. Pink Flamingoes on it. (sic). They always make me smile. I remember the flock of them at that hotel Tom and I stayed at in Las Vegas. 

10 thoughts on “reflection – 04/30/2016

  1. What a great story and amazing reflections of a beautiful artist.

    • Thank you! I know it’s only a fake journal… with a fake character… but I’ve really come to like her. I’ll miss her!

      • I can’t remember when I started following you or even how I found you. I guess I should have looked deeper into your blog. I thought you were sick and going blind and this was a journal for someone in your life as a good bye gift. Now I really feel stupid. Your artist friends are really going to have a good laugh about this 🙂

      • Sweet Myra! No, I’m quite well but THANK YOU for caring!!! Please don’t feel stupid… I worked really hard to make this as authentic as I could. I’m honored!

        IFJM stands for International Fake Journal Month and this is the 5th year I’ve participated. If you want to see the other 4 women I’ve been, you can look back on this blog. They’re all here!

        Again Myra, you’re a wonderful kind-hearted soul, please don’t feel bad.

  2. This was so powerful, Dana. So believable. I could hear her voice and the drawings took on a power of their own. You are amazing, so happy to be your friend.

    • Thanks Bobbie! As I worked in those last few drawings I kept thinking of you and your early instructor… “Keep going.” Thank goodness I put a time limit on myself or I’d still be drawing!

  3. Wonderful journaling, Dana. The combination of things and memories is really powerful. Unity and variety, great drawing and writing – the whole package!

    • Thank you Catherine. Every year I try to connect with my character and have always fallen short. I think there’s something about the “Shift in Place” that made that connection possible. And now I can go back to ink… Yay!!!

  4. Dana, I have so enjoyed your fake journal…wonderful sketches, and a character I will miss!

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