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reflection – 04/30/2016

April 30, 2016   1:27 PM

I keep putting those drops in my eye but the floaters haven’t gone away. On a better note I’m finding it much easier to get my brain to talk to my hand. My writing is faster now and closer to how I used to. My synapses are connecting again. My father used to say “getting old ain’t for sissies”. I found out later that it was a take-off on a Bette Davis quote. I guess these quotes don’t hang around unless there’s some truth in them. I thought I’d bounce right back after the fall but it’s taken much more time than I expected. My reactions just aren’t fast enough now. When Emily talked about me not driving anymore I was furious but I guess she’s right. At least I haven’t had to move. Yet. There’s always a “new normal”. Tomorrow is May 1st. May Day. The flowers have started blooming and I have a new Rifle Paper book to fill. Pink Flamingoes on it. (sic). They always make me smile. I remember the flock of them at that hotel Tom and I stayed at in Las Vegas. 


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again – 04/28/16

April 28, 2016   1:06 PM

I can still remember the summer afternoon march when we got these. It was back in our radical days in Madison. We both had long hair then. I smile when I think about it. Long hair on men is more common now even if they’re old. Meryl Streep may have played Karen in the movie but I think Cher stole the show. 

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spine – 04/25/16

April 25, 2016   6:30 AM

Eye appointment this morning so I’m up early and ready for my ride. It’s only the second time I’ve used the senior center bus. It’s free but I need to come and go on their schedule. I didn’t want to ask Em or Peter again. The boys have gone back to finish their years and I don’t want to change my date. I’m having floaters in my left eye. more than my usual and that’s a lot. 

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knife – 04/21/16


April 21. 2016   5:26 PM

Another one of Tom’s pocket things. I’m not even sure he used it that often. It’s small and it only has the single blade. doesn’t even have a bottle opener. But I remember it was handy the time we were at the hardware store and we couldn’t keep the trunk closed. He sliced up his hankie and retied it to make a rope.