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April 21st – Maple Buds

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IFJM 20150421

April 21st   11:10 am        Maple buds


Todd wants to have Brad & Elena up this weekend to meet me and the rest of the family.  He loves his bro, and I’m thankful for that, but he knows my mom will be here & staying over.  He thinks that’s perfect.  The focus won’t be on Elena and maybe she’ll feel a little more comfortable.  I guess it’ll work… Mom in the guest rm, we can bring Evan into ours and they can have the inflatable in his room.

April 20th – Hens

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IFJM 20150420a

April 20th   11:02 am       George’s Girls


Todd’s at the game again with Brad; I really hope they can get it in before the rains really start in.  It’s raining here already.  I’ve been watching the marathon coverage on TV, all the runners there in memory of those who died or were injured.  Suddenly, I’m in tears.  I’m grateful I wasn’t touched personally but I realize it’s personal for all of us and it always will be.  As it should.

IFJM 20150420b

April 19th – Birches


IFJM 20150419

April 19th   8:17 am      Birches


Thank you for coffee and all the people who weed, prune and harvest… those that transport and roast and import it.  So many people behind my morning “cup o’ joe”.  This morning it was Equal Exchange’s Organic French Roast.  I’m finally coming into it.  I didn’t sleep well; too much on my mind I guess.  Sun’s out, the clouds have scattered.  We’re out for a walk as soon as I finish this cup.

April 18th – Sunset


IFJM 20150418a

April 18th   7:31 pm        White River Jct.


I’m thankful for an uneventful day.  No place to go, no one to see, just the three of us hanging out.  A little laundry, a walk around the block and watching some golf on the TV.  We even ordered pizza for dinner.  I like cooking but all the planning and doing it every day takes a toll.  A simple meal that I don’t have to cook is the height of luxury.

IFJM 20150418b

April 17th – Butterfly

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IFJM 20150417

April 17th   12:16 pm       Magic Wings


Suzanne organized todays outing because Olivia wanted to see butterflies.  Joanie brought Carolyn because it’s school vacation week.  Evan’s still young and this whole school schedule thing is just not on my radar.  Carolyn had a blue morpho land on her head and O. just wanted to catch them… not allowed.  Evan was fascinated by the tiny quail… Chinese button quail, they told me.  Thanks today is for good friends & fun times.

April 16th – Horse

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IFJM 20150416a

April 16th    11:37 am         Mac’s Maple


fresh from the farm eggs, milk, even maple syrup.  I’m so thankful I can get healthy foods so close to home.  Evan watched the horses while Liz and I caught up.  They’re exhausted after all the late nights making syrup; she thinks tonight’s the last.  On the way home I noticed Edgewater was plowing their fields.  I thought it was too wet.  Guess not.

IFJM 20150416b

April 15th – Pond 2

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IFJM 20150415

April 15th   10:20 am         Post Pond


We’re on our way to see Mom; the pond still isn’t clear.

It could have been very different; E. at least has mom & sarah from my side left… I’m thankful for that.  It’s been almost 5 years since the accident.  I almost lost them all.  Evan would never have met them or known of their love.  When he’s older he’ll hear of his grandfather’s bravery.  We still hear from Karen; her boys are 7 & 9 now, I think.  Love you Dad.

April 14th – Crocuses


IFJM 20150414a (1)

April 14th   9:23 am          Crocuses


T. told me all about Brad and “the girlfriend” over breakfast.  This one is Elena.  They change so ofter I wonder why I should even try to remember her name.  T. says she’s nice, maybe too nice for Brad.  I need to thank the universe for the good fortune that I love & married the “older” twin.  They look alike but inside they’re very different.

IFJM 20150414b

April 13th – Dusk

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IFJM 20150413

April 13th   7:59 pm         W. Lebanon


I’m thankful the Red Sox won their home openner against the Nationals  9-4!  Todd drove down early this morning, met Brad and then took the T in.  Called to tell me he got a sunburn… the green monster seats have no shade!  He’s having dinner with B and the new girlfriend… should be home ten-ish.

April 12th – Chipmunk

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IFJM 20150412a

April 12th   1:06 pm        Chipmunk


Oh… thank you for the warm-ish weather!  (Finally!)  We put the table and chairs out on the deck even though there’s snow still in the shade.  We had lunch sitting in the sun.  When it gets really warm we’ll have to put out the umbrella but not yet… We’ll have to be careful or we’ll get spring sunburns!

IFJM 20150412b