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April 19th – Birches


IFJM 20150419

April 19th   8:17 am      Birches


Thank you for coffee and all the people who weed, prune and harvest… those that transport and roast and import it.  So many people behind my morning “cup o’ joe”.  This morning it was Equal Exchange’s Organic French Roast.  I’m finally coming into it.  I didn’t sleep well; too much on my mind I guess.  Sun’s out, the clouds have scattered.  We’re out for a walk as soon as I finish this cup.

3 thoughts on “April 19th – Birches

  1. Great journal…and great prose…I can almost smell the coffee now.

  2. The aroma of coffee is one of the nicest parts of the morning. Love your birches.

  3. Coffee is one of the great joys in my life… nothing better than a cup outside on a cool morning. Thank you both!

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