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April 3rd – Sparrow


IFJM 20150403

Co-op      April 3rd  10:22am


I’m thankful today for the sheer number of products available at the grocers even though choosing can be mind-boggling. Take yogurt for instance, full-fat, low-fat or non-fat?  flavored or not?  fruit mixed-in or on the bottom?  naturally sweetened?  organic?  Greek-style?  I even saw lactose-free.  I went with Wallaby organic, plain, low-fat Australian Style!

4 thoughts on “April 3rd – Sparrow

  1. I love this, both topic and image. A friend blogged about this issue and I think he had more discussion than ever — it is still going on!

  2. You forgot the yogurts with the side sections with the add-ins. Love the sparrow!

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