Skylark Karma

… Fake Journals… not me, but close.

April 2nd – River


IFJM 20150402a

April 2nd   10:56am    Waits River – windy


I’m so thankful for playdates and automobiles!  Otherwise we’d be stuck at home.  It’s amazing how a crying child one minute can be fast asleep in his car seat the next.  It must be the movement of the car bumping along the frost heaves.  Can’t be the music.  My singing, even with the radio, is enough to keep anyone crying.  Now I just wish I could be thankful for a Dunkin Donuts drivethrough.

IFJM 20150402b

2 thoughts on “April 2nd – River

  1. I like your pages. I had to laugh about your singing. Nice job!

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